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Boot Camp Marketing Outta Da Box With Day Care- Guest Post

June 29, 2010

Heeey – Steve here. One of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners in Illinois named Dustin Martorano, just sent me an email with a darn good “out-of-thebox” boot camp marketing idea. (Our Fit Body Boot Camp owners are always pushing the envelope… I love it) Here is the email… “Hey Steve, I came up with […]

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Fitness marketing Lotto Ticket – 1255 New Clients In One Day

June 25, 2010

How one of my coaching clients Jonathan Acosta with Get Sexy San Antonio Boot Camp got 1255 new clients in a day Here are those other daily deal websites that I found:

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Movie Star Fitness marketing Method

June 22, 2010

So there you have it, fitness marketing that is waaaaay outside the box.

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Discipline, Balls and Dreams

June 21, 2010

My BFF Bedros and 7-Figure Sam put on a Seven Figure Training studio” mastermind this weekend. They covered the A-Z of fitness marketing, personal trainer marketing and creating systems to have your studio run on auto-pilot. I had the fun and awesome honor of presenting my 3 part mindset secret to smashing through fears, getting […]

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Client Retention Maximizer

June 17, 2010

So there you have it…. Two lessons from your friend Steve Hochman. Lesson 1. Stop and take a moment to appreciate your success and how far you’ve come.

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My Personal Six Week Body Transformation

June 16, 2010

Ok, try not to laugh too hard at some of my pictures (Especially the one where I look like Zoolander) So I wanted to share my fitness goal… NO, my fitness commitment with you. It’s definitely time to get serious about leaning out and living super healthy… So I’m COMMITTING to YOU (The greatest fitness […]

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Fitness Advertising KaBoom!

June 8, 2010

I just got a text from one of my coaching clients, Greg Faunce. As you can see from the text to your right, he used a new fitness advertising strategy to get 81 new clients in 1 day. And do you know how much it cost him? Nada – zip – zilch! In fact, he […]

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How To make A Killer Fitness Marketing Video

June 4, 2010

How many new clients do you think you would get if you had a video of tons of raving fans praising you like a frigging ROCK STAR? How much would a video LIKE THAT help you DOMINATE your competition? What kind of DEMAND would it create for your fitness program? How much would a video […]

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Fitness Marketing Motivation

June 2, 2010

I get asked this all the time… “Steve, how do you stay so motivated!?” Well, I follow my passion, know my LIFE’S DREAM and associate it with everything I do, and I watch videos like these. Enjoy ) 2 min in this video WOW!! I cried. (Below)

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