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FREE Boot Camp Marketing Ad

April 15, 2010

As a gift I’m going to give you one of my done-for-you Craigslist ads specifically designed for tax season (now) The reason it works is because it’s totally believable. And that’s important because anytime you have a sale or give a deep discount, you have to justify it or your prospect will think there’s a […]

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11 Ways To Think Like A Boot Camp Dominator

April 14, 2010

News Flash – You don’t have to be smart, have a degree or multiple certifications to have the dominant boot camps in your city. And if I’m being completely honest (which good or bad I always am with ya) I was only officially certified for 1 of the 10 years that I was an active […]

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Marketing Your Boot Camp At A Bridal Expo

April 12, 2010

Me and Bedros helping  Alisson Rosales and Shelly Fiara Market there Fit Body Boot Camp at a bridal expo in Laguna Beach Ca. Bedros and I dropped in to help Rancho Santa Margarita Fit Body Boot Camp owners Alisson Rosales And Shelly Fiara market their boot camp at a local bridal expo. I just received […]

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Cool Fitness iphone APP

April 9, 2010

My man Dustin’s Cool new iphone App (And how YOU can think outside the box too) I hope Dustin gave you a little “outta the box” inspiration… To support Dustin and get a cool handy itunes app for a measly $1.99 click HERE I just put it on my iphone and had a kick butt […]

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I’ve Got 36 Birthday Gifts To Give Away

April 6, 2010

When I turned 7 years old, I had a birthday party. Just one problem… Nobody showed up. I guess being a loud, hyper kid with bad A.D.D. wasn’t exactly the ultimate formula for making friends at age 7. So there I was with my birthday hat on, a cool spaceship cake in front of me […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard!

April 1, 2010

Ya know, when you work hard, it’s also important to play hard. Everything in nature ebbs and flows in cycles – Nothing stays constant. And taking a break, having fun and getting a little crazy sometimes is… “healthy” And that’s exactly what we did in Las Vegas after two long days of coaching the 100k […]

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Pool Guy Fitness Marketing Method

March 27, 2010

Pool Guy Marking Method In this video you’ll learn how to get boatloads of boot camp referrals from local pool guys…  This is another killer client getting “Spoke on the wheel” to add to your fitness marketing arsenal. Enjoy This is a brand new fitness marketing strategy that I’ve only share with some of my […]

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Mobile Carwash Fitness Marketing Method

March 24, 2010

In this video I explain my new “Carwash Marketing Method” and like most of my fitness marketing tactics, it’s low cost, super easy and attracts tons of clients! I’d love to hear your comments below… Btw, I have a few coaching spots open, and for the first time I’m offering a 30 day coaching/mentoring program. […]

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What is your deepest desire?

March 22, 2010

This blog is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams through fitness. Leave a comment below with your biggest, deepest desire, and will do everything I can to help you get there. But don’t just say to make more money. Go way deeper. What do you REALLY want. Money is just a vehicle to get […]

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