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Work Hard, Play Hard!

April 1, 2010

Ya know, when you work hard, it’s also important to play hard. Everything in nature ebbs and flows in cycles – Nothing stays constant. And taking a break, having fun and getting a little crazy sometimes is… “healthy” And that’s exactly what we did in Las Vegas after two long days of coaching the 100k […]

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Pool Guy Fitness Marketing Method

March 27, 2010

Pool Guy Marking Method In this video you’ll learn how to get boatloads of boot camp referrals from local pool guys…  This is another killer client getting “Spoke on the wheel” to add to your fitness marketing arsenal. Enjoy This is a brand new fitness marketing strategy that I’ve only share with some of my […]

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Mobile Carwash Fitness Marketing Method

March 24, 2010

In this video I explain my new “Carwash Marketing Method” and like most of my fitness marketing tactics, it’s low cost, super easy and attracts tons of clients! I’d love to hear your comments below… Btw, I have a few coaching spots open, and for the first time I’m offering a 30 day coaching/mentoring program. […]

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What is your deepest desire?

March 22, 2010

This blog is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams through fitness. Leave a comment below with your biggest, deepest desire, and will do everything I can to help you get there. But don’t just say to make more money. Go way deeper. What do you REALLY want. Money is just a vehicle to get […]

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A Goat, Sushi and the 5 Percent

March 21, 2010

Ya, that’s me holding a baby bottle and a Pygmy Goat owners manual, with my best friend and business partner Bedros, who’s holding his new Pygmy Goat. So why am I telling you this, and what does it have to do with fitness marketing? Well for one, I think it’s cool-arious (a combination of cool […]

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Fitness Marketing With The School Donation Method

March 18, 2010

Here’s a really cool fitness marketing strategy that pulled tons of clients into my boot camps. It’s also a great way to get some local media attention. I shall name it… The School Donation Method… Muwwwaaaa! Muwaaaaaa! And it will get you one-hundred-million-billion clients! Ok, not one-hundred-million-billion, but a whole lot. Here’s what you need […]

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The Human Billboard ELITE Method

March 11, 2010

Before I figured out how to pop out six-figure boot camps, and co-created Fit Body Boot Camp, the greatest boot camp business model in the world, I was pulling multiple six-figures each year with group personal training. In fact, I used a lot of my current boot camp marketing strategies to dominate group personal training […]

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Attacked By A Rock And a Tree!

March 9, 2010

My brother, the fitness marketing evil genius, David Tendrich and I just got back from an awesome snowbarding trip to big Bear Ca. We were celebrating because he literally just finished creating this AMAZING new software that pumps out over 80 beautiful, client pulling craigslist ads in just minutes. so anyways, it was my second […]

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I Need Your Opinion On This…

March 8, 2010

Let me know what you think below… And thanks… I’m really honored that the best fitness professionals in the world are on this blog.

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